Tendencies Version 8; Two Months In The Making

Hello! It's been a while; not as long as the update before, however! I've been pretty busy. This update reflects quite a few significant changes to the game, which help to improve its overall flow and style!  I've done a lot of work, and I hope you enjoy!

Change Log:

  • Two new playbooks available after purchase; The Reliant and The Leashed, along with an update to the playbook's layout!
  • New Harm/Damage system, making damage less variable, but easier to keep track of!
  • Armor is now always in effect.
  • New Downtime action
  • Reworked Moves!
  • Grammatical Fixes.
  • More example Enemies!
  •  A small change to the structure of the rules, so that they make a little more sense

Along with the update to the main game, I've released two supplemental hacks for free; TEAR IT UP and FULL THROTTLE. Check them out below!

Thank you for following this project, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy my game! Have a wonderful day!


Tendencies Spirits and Glamour v8.pdf 1 MB
47 days ago
Tendencies Moves and Playbooks v8 (Library Version).pdf 3 MB
47 days ago
Enemy Sheet.pdf 78 kB
47 days ago
Tendencies Moves and Playbooks Demo v8.pdf 2 MB
47 days ago

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