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I don't mean to be annoying, but would it be possible to change the color for the hyperlink text on this page? It's all basically invisible to me the contrast is so low.

Sure thing! Thank you so much for pointing it out; it's just been fixed! Sorry about that; I didn't realize that by changing the background, I should have changed the hyperlinks as well!


idk if you heard about it, but this game is very similar to the anime jojo's bizarre adventure

(this game is good, like extremely good)

Hey there, love the game, asking for a quick rules verification. So with the basic move “Flurry of Blows”, the text reads “On a 7-9, choose one of the below, in addition to dealing your damage”. One of the options is “Your attacks fail to connect; do not deal your damage.” Is this intentional? Can I optionally choose to just... Not deal damage on a successful hit? There doesn't seem to be any other mechanical perk to it. It kinda seems like a waste of an option unless I'm missing something?


You bring up a fair point! That option is supposed to allow you to dodge the consequences of a mixed success; but at that point, it's almost like you didn't roll the move at all. Thank you so much for the feedback; I think I'll change that option to something more interesting in the  next update!

Absolutely! Just as a suggestion, maybe even change the wording a little? Something to the effect of “you don't give the enemy a chance to counter” or “deal less damage, but avoid an enemy trap”. Heck maybe even “deal no damage but gain Momentum”. 


I'll think on that!!! Thank you again; this is incredibly helpful!

This game got a shout out recently, and I thought I'd come check it out, but now I've read this page four times and I can't really tell what the game is about, so I am sad.

HUH! Good point. Thanks! I'll fix that now

I'd also recommend reading the demo? But the page itself has been updated to make what the game actually is a little clearer. Thanks!

Somehow I missed the existence of the demo.  I think I'm not quite accustomed to the UI yet.   Thanks, I'll check it out!


- Cursed jet ski transmission kit in a violin case. Check.

- Pouch of charm screws, painted for easy identification. Check.

- Wrench ready for fencing foil transformation. Check.

- Gardening gloves and bucket hat for shadow gargoyle form. Check.

- Tiny gargoyle wearing a sun hat flashlight, for luck. Check.

Let's rock or roll. Or excuse me, play some punk piano in a gondola station.

Thank you so much for writing this game Dusty.

I made a suit for a crane and then had a showdown with them and I will never forget it.


This fucking kicks... thank you so much for playing...