Version 8.4; New Playbook And GM Tools!

Hello folks! Its been about a month since the last update, and I've got a new one for you here. There are three major changes; The Vessel, Discord, and rebalancing character creation. I'd like to start with the last one! Tendencies was built with total stats at a +3 at character creation in mind. As such, it is a game that necessitates that? I moved total stats down to a +2 last update, but after observing the rolls that happened in a few games, I'm moving that back up to a +3, and have made a new solution; Discord! Discord builds up as players roll above a 10+, representing the pull of battle; for ups, there must be downs. When Discord is fully built up, it can be spent to force the result of a player's roll down to the next result. I've made this as balanced and as fair as possible, but please do let me know if you have any issues with it! It's in Chapter 3; GM Section. Finally, this brings us to the new playbook; The Vessel! Inspired by possession, this playbook asks you to play as a character who's Tendency asks for pieces of their being and vitality, in order to gift them with more power. It's a very interesting playbook, and I hope you all like it! Thank you all for purchasing Tendencies, and please feel free to leave me any feedback you'd like! Have a lovely day!


Tendencies; Spirits and Glamour v8.4 pdf 2 MB
Nov 11, 2020
Tendencies v8.4 Moves and Playbooks.pdf 7 MB
Nov 11, 2020

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Question: If I buy the game once, do I have to pay once more for when an update comes?

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Nope! You'll just have to go to your library and download the new version whenever it comes out! Itch will give you the option to repurchase it for some reason, but it's absolutely not necessary!

Ah yes good to know. Thank you.

A question though about the mechanics. I noticed the amount of moves and compared to other pbta games it looks like there are a lot. Was there a certain number of moves you had in mind when you created them or were did you add them on the go?

Huh! I didn't really consider the amount of moves! As I created the game and playtested, I just considered what specific actions I wanted flavored by moves and built them as I went! I suppose having 3 separate categories of moves might have contributed to the high number as well!

I bought it and I am checking it out. It's interesting that it does replicate jojo but I do have a few things to point out.

On one hand it does mean you can cover a lot with the moves but doesn't the amount bog it down in a sense? I can image that a gm (especially one who tries out the system) has to glance more than a few times before realizing what moves the players triggers alongside probably missing a few cues by not noticing it. It's the gm that has to manage all the moves after all.

Another thing is the table of contents, the amount it covers is quiet minimal compared to what you actually have, it doesn't add anything to the rpg itself but it would give the pdf a more professional look to it if you would add some more to it.

What do you consider that has to be redone or added to the rpg?

Well! I do think that by separating moves into the categories, it helps to at least codify what moves would fit into specific scenarios! There is only one move that I've been considering removing ((Inspire)) but beyond that, I do think all the moves are necessary. Its hard! I want to ensure that there are enough moves for specific triggers that I want to be hit. The rest of the book isn't too long, so I hope that helps GMs focus on the moves, but beyond that, it is just hoping. 

Additionally; the table of contents is difficult! I'm not exactly sure what is important to put in there, as chapters 2 and 3 have quite a bit of content, so its matter of figuring out how to organize that.

As for your last question! I'm not sure. Every time I think the game is in a finished state, I realize I want to add another playbook, or downtime action, or mechanic. The game IS nearly done, as it just needs a good editor, but until then! I'll have to see. I do want to keep it under 60 pages, however, for easy readability.