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“The world is fantastic. Every day, people do things that others

say are impossible, but for them, are just a matter of
routine. And every day, people discover that inside of themselves,
the impossible exists. Tendencies are one way in
which these impossible odds manifest. A form of psychic ability,
representative of the way people wish to influence
the world. Their personal biases, hopes, dreams, tendencies.
These Tendencies have a variety of effects, ranging from
telekinesis to time manipulation, these Tendencies have a, well,
tendency to manifest in the strong-willed, those who
wish to change the world. A User is a person who contains a
Tendency within themselves. Each user is powerful, both in the
way that they can shape the world and in how they can overcome
impossible odds. At the end of the day, they are human. They are
still incredible, and exemplars of spirit: but they are not gods.
This, perhaps, makes them even more incredible. Tendency Users
seem to be drawn to one another, their wills to change the world

either joining or clashing. It is unknown how these abilities man-
ifest. But what can be said with a degree of certainty, is that 
they will ensure the world will change”

Tendencies is a tabletop game that runs off the Powered by the  Apocalypse engine, about protecting a small town with incredible abilities. It's 60 pages long, and currently, is in a tentative release! It comes with moves, explanations of the mechanics, playbooks, and some abilities for you to play around with! This book may or not represent the final release, depending on the feedback I get. However, by purchasing this version, you will get access to any further releases!

Tendencies: Spirits and Glamour is the main rule book

Playbooks are kept in a zip file, and contain the starting moves for each class, as well as their advances.

All printables are meant to be printed out double sided.

 If you run or play a game of Tendencies and have some feedback, feel free to at me on my Twitter, which can be found at @pawshella

The Amazing Cover was done by Kelly, or @amphoera on Twitter! Please check her out!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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